June 2016

f a r e w e l l.

4. june 2016 at 21:18 | Saki
Always knew there'd come that day I couldn't keep up with this.
That someday I would decide to throw it all away.
Somewhere between the lines, I realized I just couldn't go back.
I'm not happy nor sad, maybe a bit nostalgic.

'All we have is what's between hello and goodbye.'

I've never been good with words or expressing myself.
Because really, I'm just one hell of an asshole.
But I'm glad for these years and ppl I met along the way.
Well, let's not be too awkward and end it quickly.

'We'll have to go our separate ways at some point,
let's do it quick like ripping off a band-aid.'

Kind of hoped I'd make this place last for 6 years.

see ya~~
-- in hell.